Art+Design & Technology workshops

Come to the studio, learn something, make something great, and go back home with a unique object and an experience you will treasure forever.

The journey of pulling an idea out of thin air, shaping it into a design and producing such object, teaches you as much about yourself as the necessary skills to pull it off.
You create a sentimental bond with the piece. It becomes something unique, worth sharing, that you will cherish for life. The process is as valuable as the object itself.

I am Daniel Palacios, artist and designer running a production studio for 15+ years.

During this journey my projects have been featured and collected in museums around the world such as the London Science Museum, ZKM and the National Art Museum of China; as well as worked in advertising campaigns for clients such as Nike and Adidas. Aside from my own production, I teach students in Universities and Cultural Centres related to Art & Technology.

Now you can enjoy personal lessons in my own studio. I will teach you the skills and give you the tools, so you can make it too.

If rather than paying somebody to produce your work, you’d prefer a more hands-on approach but lack some skills or equipment, sends us an email with a short brief of what your project is about, and what are you missing. We’ll let you know If we think it’s a good match and arrange a meeting / phone call to discuss further details. This is not an art residency, each work program to stay at the studio is designed specifically for your own project.